SL-x-F Ampel

LED-Signal-Ampel, flat, IP68

The signal lights series SL-X-F-Ampel with their very flat design are easy to use in door or gate applications or other mounting surfaces and they can fastened without any cut-off. The fully encapsulated electronics for a high protection degree (IP 68) assures waterproof, oil-proof and easy to clean.

The operating voltage is 24 V. The robust LEDs are current stabilized.

Product Line

Variants of the product series

Item Num. Type Picture Tension Dimensions Connection Data sheet CE Compliant 3D Data Price (netto) Inquiry
10706 SL-1-F Ampel
24V DC 105 x 30 x 8 [mm] Cable 5m PVC/PVC 107 EUR
10710 SL-2-F Ampel
24V DC 200 x 40 x 10 [mm] Cable 5m PVC/PVC 175 EUR