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Our contribution to climate protection

Our certified electricity supplier supplies our electricity exclusively from renewable sources and is therefore free of carbon dioxide emissions and is also free of nuclear energy.

Investment in a new high-speed SMD pick-and-place machine:

Due to the very positive business development, a new SMD pick-and-place machine was installed in August 2021. Thanks to the significantly increased production capacity, we can meet the steadily increasing customer needs. In addition, the increasing complexity and miniaturization of electronic components and assemblies requires a very high level of assembly precision with high process stability at the same time. With the new SMD line, we are also expanding the technological production options and can meet the requirements of future product innovations.

Environmental protection when using aluminum?

Environmental protection combined with efficient management is a demanding challenge. We are constantly looking for new ways to meet our corporate responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability.

We now rely on the processing of environmentally friendly aluminum products which are generated entirely with electricity from renewable energies. These currently have a carbon dioxide footprint of 4.0 kg CO2 per kg aluminum – a quarter of the global average.