In order to make all technically relevant data for your construction as uncomplicated as possible available, we have compiled our products as 3D-CAD models in an online catalog.

Design-relevant product data can be downloaded free of charge in all common CAD file formats and included in your design plans. Time-consuming research and queries of 3D data of individual components is no longer necessary.

Technical requirements

Basically, the current versions should be used.

Allowed browser types:

The following browser types can be used with the END CUSTOMER:

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 or higher
Mozilla Firefox version 23 or higher
Opera version 15 or higher
Google Chrome 28 or higher

Necessary browser settings (general):

The following settings of the browser must be given:

Permissibility of downloading cookies
Executability of Java scripts in the browser

Necessary browser settings (browser-dependent):

The following settings depend on the browser type used to display the
3D model (preview image / viewer) necessary:

Browser Native/ActiveX Java Applets WebGL Animiertes Gif PDF 3D
MS IEXX (mind. 1.6)Only from IE 11XX ( only Adobe Reader)
FFX (only Windows)X (min. 1.6)XXX (only Adobe Reader)
OperaX (only Windows)X (min. 1.6)X (ab 15)XX (only Adobe Reader)
ChromeX (only Windows)X (min. 1.6)XXX (only Adobe Reader)