Recommended brightness according to DIN EN 12464

Type of room or activity (examples)Illuminance in lux
Traffic areas and corridors100
Social room100
Stock and storage rooms (not always occupied)100
Loading ramps and areas150
Roadways with people traffic150
Control stations150
Rough assembly work200
Cast ironing, machine molding, sand preparation200
Processing of heavy sheets (from 5 mm)200
Switch rooms and building services200
Open die forging200
Canteens, tea kitchens200
Wardrobes, washrooms, toilets, baths200
Medium-fine assembly work300
Processing of lightweight sheets (up to 5 mm)300
Shipping and packaging areas300
Coarse and medium machine work (tolerances from 0.1 mm)300
Welding, drop forging, hand and core forming300
Control station in rolling, metallurgical and steel plants300
Production facilities with permanent manual intervention300
Fine machine work, grinding (tolerances below 0.1 mm)500
Fine assembly work500
Body construction and assembly500
Surface treatment and painting750
Very fine assembly work750
Manufacture of tools and cutlery750
Painting, spraying and grinding cabins in the automotive industry750
Mark out and control750
Painting: Mending and inspection in the automotive industry1.000
Tool, gauge and fixture construction1.000
Precision and micromechanics1.000