Protection Classes

The different types of protection indicate how an electrical equipment is structurally protected against environmental influences, such as the ingress of water or foreign bodies. Depending on the ambient conditions, you can select luminaires from Schrempp electronic GmbH according to various degrees of protection. These are expressed by IP codes. The first code number describes the protection against contact or against the penetration of foreign bodies. The second code indicates protection against water or moisture.

1. Code NumberProtection against contactProtection against foreign bodies
0not protectednot protected
1with the back of the handsolid foreign bodies
(Diameter from 50 mm)
2with the fingersolid foreign bodies
(Diameter from 12.5 mm)
3with a toolsolid foreign bodies
(Diameter from 2.5 mm)
4with a wiresolid foreign bodies
(Diameter from 1 mm)
5with a wiredustproof
(Dust deposition possible, but may not have a harmful effect)
6with a wiredustproof
(no penetration of dust)
2. Code NumberDegree of protection against water
0not protected
1protected against dripping water (falling vertically)
2protected against dripping water (fall angle up to 15 °)
3protected against water spray (fall angle up to 60 °)
4protected against splashing water (direction does not matter)
5protected against  jet water (nozzle, direction no matter)
6protected against jet water (flooding)
7protected against temporary submersion (entering water must not be harmful if submerged at 1 m depth for 20 min.)
8protected against continuous submersion (incoming water must not have a harmful effect, conditions as agreed between manufacturer and user, but conditions must be more difficult than protection level 7)
9Kprotected against water during high-pressure or steam jet cleaning (degree of protection according to DIN 40050 part 9 road vehicles, IP protection classes)