Power Supply

Power supplies 24V DC

Power supplies in various performance classes with pre-assembled M12 plug and bridged PIN1 / 4.

Product Line

Variants of the product series

Item Num. Type Picture Power Tension Dimensions Connection Data sheet CE Compliant 3D Data Price (netto) Inquiry
10255 SN-12-M12
12W 230VAC M12 Socket 28,00 EUR
10256 SN-24-M12
24W 230 VAC M12 Socket 32,00 EUR
10252 TN-36-M12
36W 230VAC M12 Socket 36,00 EUR
10253 TN-72-M12
60W 230VAC M12 Socket 42,00 EUR
10254 TN-90-M12
90W 230VAC M12 Socket 65,10 EUR
10878 TN-120-M12
120W 230VAC M12 Socket 83,00 EUR