Cable assortment M12 circular connector

M12 round connector Code A

The circular connectors are pre-assembled in many cable lengths with PUR / PVC sheath and A-coding for connection to our 24V machine lights. Practical manifolds increase flexibility.

Special constructions can be offered on request.

Product Line

Variants of the product series

Item Num. Type Picture Tension Dimensions Connection Data sheet CE Compliant 3D Data Price (netto) Inquiry
10051 Connecting cable 3 m straight, 3-pole
3m M12 Socket 7,88 EUR
10052 Connecting cable 5 m straight, 3-pole
5m M12 Socket 8,93 EUR
11543 Connecting cable 5 m straight, 5-pole
5m M12 Socket upon Request
10050 Connecting cable 10 m straight, 3-pole
10m M12 Socket 12,34 EUR
10667 Splitter ML-VT-2 x M12
2x M12 Socket / 1x M12 Connector 18,90 EUR