Accessories ML-x-P/WML-x-P

Attachment accessories for the holidays ML-x-P / WML-x-P

Footplate sets, protective hose adapter, protective hose,

Footplate set ML-x-P-FS

Footplate set WML-x-P-FSSA

Protective hose adapter WML-x-P-SSA

Protective hose WML-x-P-SS

Product Line

Variants of the product series

Item Num. Type Picture Tension Dimensions Connection Data sheet CE Compliant 3D Data Price (netto) Inquiry
10762 ML-x-P-FS
6,70 EUR
11031 WML-x-P-FSSA
6,70 EUR
11030 WML-x-P-SSA
47,20 EUR
11032 WML-x-P-SS
pro Meter 5,25 EUR