Function handles Signal surface IO-Link

Functional handles MG-x-TRIO IOLINK

Machine handles with signal surface and IO-Link interface

Machine handles of the MG-x-TRIO IOLINK series are made of natural-colored anodized aluminum and handle legs are made of black powder-coated aluminum. The profile was specially designed for the installation of electronic assemblies to integrate additional functions.

The polycarbonate diffuser specially developed for LED applications ensures a homogeneous light area with a high level of efficiency.

In addition, you can parameterize these signal lights in a variety of colors and signal functions, as well as the frequency and tone intervals of the integrated piezo buzzer via the IO-Link interface at any time.

The function handles also provide additional self-diagnosis functions. The self-diagnosis includes continuous monitoring of the signal surface LEDs, monitoring of the function of the buzzer, overtemperature and its logging. In the event of an error, an error event is output via IO-Link, which can be taken into account in the higher-level controller. An operating hours counter and error event counter complement the diagnostics, which can be accessed at any time via IO-Link. This enables new, predictive repair and maintenance concepts.

The connection is made on the back of any IO-Link master via a 5m PVC / PVC cable with an open end or an M8 connector.

Product Line

Variations of the product series Functional handles MG-x-TRIO IOLINK

Item Num.TypePictureTensionDimensionsConnectionData sheetCE Compliant3D DataIODD-FilesPrice (netto)Inquiry
11594MG-1-T0-TRIO-IOL LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388144417
24V DC270 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC 358 EUR
11595MG-1-T0-TRIO-IOL M8
GTIN / EAN: 4262388144318
24V DC270 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Connector M8 358 EUR
11596MG-2-T0-TRIO-IOL LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388144172
24V DC380 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC 382 EUR
11597MG-2-T0-TRIO-IOL M8
GTIN / EAN: 4262388144073
24V DC380 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Connector M8 382 EUR
11598MG-3-T0-TRIO-IOL LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142291
24V DC470 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC 397 EUR
11599MG-3-T0-TRIO-IOL M8
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142284
24V DC470 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Connector M8 397 EUR