Machine handles with signal surface and IO-Link interface

Machine handles of the MG-x-TRIO IOLINK series are made of natural-colored anodized aluminum and handle legs are made of black powder-coated aluminum. The profile was specially designed for the installation of electronic assemblies to integrate additional functions.

The polycarbonate diffuser specially developed for LED applications ensures a homogeneous light area with a high level of efficiency.

In addition, you can parameterize these signal lights in a variety of colors and signal functions, as well as the frequency and tone intervals of the integrated piezo buzzer via the IO-Link interface at any time.

The connection is made on the back of any IO-Link master via a 5m PVC / PVC cable with an open end or an M8 connector.

Product Line

Variations of the product series MG-x-TRIO IOLINK

Item Num.TypePictureTensionDimensionsConnectionData sheetCE Compliant3D DataPrice (netto)Inquiry
11594MG-1-T0-TRIO-IOL LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388144417
24V DC270 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC
11595MG-1-T0-TRIO-IOL M8
GTIN / EAN: 4262388144318
24V DC270 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Connector M8
11596MG-2-T0-TRIO-IOL LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388144172
24V DC380 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC
11597MG-2-T0-TRIO-IOL M8
GTIN / EAN: 4262388144073
24V DC380 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Connector M8
11598MG-3-T0-TRIO-IOL LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142291
24V DC470 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC
11599MG-3-T0-TRIO-IOL M8
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142284
24V DC470 x 41,5 x 65 [mm]Connector M8