Signal lights red-yellow-green

SL-x-F Ampel

LED signal traffic light colors red/green/yellow with high luminosity, completely encapsulated and high protection class, particularly flat surface mounting, robust aluminum housing, suitable for outdoor areas and door and gate systems.

Signal lamps of the series SL-x-F Ampel can, because of the compact dimensions, be positioned very close to an object. The signal message is thus easier to locate. With fully encapsulated electronics unit and an impact resistant windshield the LED spots are protected from influences in industrial environments.

For example, the series SL-x-F can be mounted directly within a machine cell,
so that the complete machine cell lights in the respective signal colour.

Product Line

Variations of the product series SL-x-F Ampel

Item Num.TypePictureTensionDimensionsConnectionData sheetCE Compliant3D DataPrice (netto)Inquiry
10706SL-1-F Ampel
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142499
24V DC105 x 30 x 8Cable 5m PVC/PVC 110,20 EUR
10710SL-2-F Ampel
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142505
24V DC200 x 40 x 10Cable 5m PVC/PVC 180,30 EUR
GTIN / EAN: 4262388143052
24V DC105 x 30 x 8Cable 5m PVC/PVC 110,20 EUR