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LED signal lights with/without IO-Link, high functionality / basic colors red/green/yellow/blue, impact-resistant, splinter-free PC diffuser, diffuse cylinder signal surface, surface mounting, robust aluminum housing.

Distinctive characteristics of the SL-x-TRIO R signal light series are the low installation height with simultaneously homogeneous light in 4 signal colours, as well as the robust and high-quality aluminium housing available in two diameters of 50 mm and 60 mm.

The number of possible applications benefits from their individual design and their adherence with technical standards for industrial environments. The 24 V DC operating voltage for each colour is supplied via a 4-pole PVC / PVC cable of 5 m in length or a MI2 connector plug.

With the intelligent signal lights with IO-Link interface, you always know what the status of the signal device is. Conventional manual function tests (lamp tests) are no longer necessary.

In addition, you can parameterize these signal lights in a variety of colors (24-bit color depth) and signal function (flashing, flashing frequency, flash, etc.) via the IO-Link interface. The operating voltage of 24 V DC is supplied via a 3-pin PVC / PVC cable with a length of 3 m or an M12 connector.

The maximum ambient temperature is 50° C.

Product Line

Variations of the product series SL-x-TRIO R / SL-x-TRIO R IOLINK

Item Num.TypePictureTensionDimensionsConnectionData sheetCE Compliant3D DataIODD-FilesPrice (netto)Inquiry
11046SL-50-TRIO-R LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142628
24V DCD52 x 59 [mm]Cable 5m PVC/PVC 54,00 EUR
11047SL-50-TRIO-R M12
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142635
24V DCD52 x 59 [mm]M12 Connector 54,00 EUR
11048SL-60-TRIO-R LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142642
24V DCD62 x 59 [mm]Cable 5m PVC/PVC 82,90 EUR
11049SL-60-TRIO-R M12
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142659
24V DCD62 x 59 [mm]M12 Connector 82,90 EUR
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142963
24V DCD52 x 59 [mm]Cable 3m PVC/PVC 113,40 EUR
11368SL-50-TRIO-R IOLINK M12
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142970
24V DCD52 x 59 [mm]M12 Connector 113,40 EUR
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142987
24V DCD62 x 59 [mm]Cable 3m PVC/PVC 127,10 EUR
11370SL-60-TRIO-R IOLINK M12
GTIN / EAN: 4262388142994
24V DCD62 x 59 [mm]M12 Connector 127,10 EUR