LED status light, multicolored

The SL-x-60R-RGBW series status lights are universal tube lights made of impact-resistant and shatterproof polycarbonate. The high degree of diffusion offers very good glare control and generates a homogeneous light area. The status lights can be rotated almost 350° wich makes it easier to align with objects.

The status lights are operated with a supply voltage of 24 V DC. The connection to the supply voltage is implemented via a 4-pin M12 sensor connector. This allows eight status states to be encoded (with the OFF state).

Status colors and states: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Purple/White (5700K) and Flashing Red.

Product Line

Variants of the product series

Item Num. Type Picture Tension Dimensions Connection Data sheet CE Compliant 3D Data Price (netto) Inquiry
11612 SL-9-60R-RGBW
24V DC 400 x 70,3 x 74,8 [mm] M12 Connector upon request
11613 SL-18-60R-RGBW
24V DC 700 x 70,3 x 74,8 [mm] M12 Connector upon request
11614 SL-27-60R-RGBW
24V DC 1000 x 70,3 x 74,8 [mm] M12 Connector upon request