Ultra-flat machine lights


LED machine lights with high color fastness CRI >90, completely encapsulated for high protection classes IP67 / IP68, particularly flat and compact design, easy installation, robust and vibration-proof aluminum housing,

The machine light allows for compact dimensions easy mechanical integration into machines without significantly restricting the space available. A simple electrical installation will be  carried over directly to 24 V DC M12 Connector systems. The LC-types have a 5 m PUR / PVC cabel with open end.

With a robust aluminum housing and a weatherproof, UV resistant and crystal clear
polyurethane casting, the LED light from the environment and numerous chemicals such as alkalis, acids and oils, is protected.

The highly efficient LED produce a wide beam angle of 100° and a flicker-free light in the usual daylight quality.

The Series ML-x-UF are available in 5 sizes. This lights are providing space-saving, flat mounting for

Product Line

Variations of the product series ML-x-UF

Item Num.TypePicturePowerTensionDimensionsConnectionData sheetCE Compliant3D DataPrice (netto)Inquiry
10232ML-6-UF M12
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140174
6W24V DC200 x 40 x 10 [mm]M12 Connector 107,10 EUR
10259ML-6-UF LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140327
6W24V DC200 x 40 x 10 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC 107,10 EUR
10233ML-12-UF M12
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140181
12W24V DC370 x 40 x 10 [mm]M12 Connector 182,70 EUR
10258ML-12-UF LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140310
12W24V DC370 x 40 x 10 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC 182,70 EUR
10234ML-18-UF M12
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140198
18W24V DC540 x 40 x 10 [mm]M12 Connector 249,90 EUR
10268ML-18-UF LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140402
18W24V DC540 x 40 x 10 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC 249,90EUR
10249ML-24-UF M12
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140280
23W24V DC540 x 40 x 10 [mm]M12 Connector 272,00 EUR
10272ML-24-UF LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140433
22W24V DC540 x 40 x 10 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC 272,00 EUR
10293ML-36-UF M12
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140556
34W24V DC800 x 40 x 10 [mm]M12 Connector 329,90 EUR
10580ML-36-UF LC
GTIN / EAN: 4262388140686
34W24V DC800 x 40 x 10 [mm]Cable 5m PUR/PVC 329,90 EUR